14 – Messages
Message Meaning Note
Buffer overflow.
The recording buffer became full during recording.
Writing to the medium could not keep up.
Since the writing performance of
the medium has declined, use the
ERASE FORMAT function or use a
different medium.(see “Preparing
SD cards and USB flash drives for
use” on page 28)
RECORD stopped.
Media Full.
The medium did not have enough capacity, so recording
RECORD stopped.
System limit.
Recording stopped because the total number of files, folders
and other items inside the folder would have exceeded 999.
Save Failed. Saving the file failed.
SD Card Locked The SD card is locked.
SD Card Locked
Cannot Record/Edit
Since the SD card is locked, recording and editing are not
This name already exists. A folder or file with the same name already exists.
There is no entry. Playback is not possible because the playlist has no entries.
Select a playlist that has entries or assign entries to this one.
There is no track Playback is not possible because there are no files.
Timer Event nn (Download)
Failed The download timer event numbered nn failed. nn = timer event number
Unsupported File too many
You tried to play a file with more tracks than are supported.
Or, you tried to add too many to a playlist.
Unsupported Fs. You tried to play a file with a sampling frequency that is not
supported. Or, you tried to add one to a playlist.
unsupported type The media is not a supported type (not DMA compatible), so
it cannot be used.
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