12 – Other Settings, Information Screens and Keyboard Operations
Using the keyboard to input names and values
You can edit and input characters for the following items in the
same way as with a computer.
0Folder names(see “Creating new folders” on page 44)
0File names(see “Editing folder and file names” on page 42)
0Passwords(see “Network function settings” on page 78)
0NTP server names(see “Setting the SNTP function” on page
0Mark names(see “Editing mark names” on page 76)
You can also input numbers for the following items.
0Locating to a specific time(see “Locating to a specific time” on
page 77)
0User-set file names 1–3(see “Setting the file name format” on
page 59)
0FTP server names(see “FTP client function settings” on page
0FTP user ID(see “FTP client function settings” on page 79)
0FTP target folder names(see “FTP client function settings” on
page 79)
0Timer event playback path names(see “Setting the playback
area” on page 71)
0Timer event download target path names(see “Setting fold-
ers/files to use for FTP server download” on page 72)
Selecting the type of character input:
Use the Shift and Caps Lock keys to change the type of character
input in the same way as with a computer.
Inputting characters:
Use the number, character and symbol keys to input characters
Moving the cursor:
Use the s/w keys.
Use the HOME/2 key to move the cursor to the beginning.
Use the END/x key to move the cursor to the end.
Deleting a character:
Delete key: delete character at cursor
Back Space key: delete character before cursor
Inserting characters:
Input the character at the desired position (default: insert mode).
If the character input mode is not set to the default insert mode,
press the Insert key to switch to insert mode before inputting
Correcting characters:
Press the Insert key to switch to overwrite mode, move the cur-
sor and input the correct character.
i The following symbols and punctuation marks cannot be
used in text.
¥ / : * ? “ ” < > |
i Japanese characters cannot be input.
You can also input values on the following screens.
EDIT MARK TIME screen(see “Editing mark locations” on page
IP SETUP screen(see “Network function settings” on page
DNS SETUP screen(see “Network function settings” on page
o When these screens are open, use the s or / (slash) key
to move the cursor left and the w or Enter key to move it
o On the IP SETUP and DNS SETUP screens, use the “. ” (deci-
mal point) key to move the cursor right.
o Use the 2 or + key to increase values.
o Use the x or − key to decrease values.
List of keyboard operations
In addition to inputting names, you can also use the keyboard
for transport control, editing and various other operations.
The functions of buttons on the front of the unit are assigned
to the keyboard as follows. Character input and control modes
switch automatically according to the unit operation.
Transport operations
Keyboard key Function
s key Same as m [A-B] button
w key Same as, [INPUT] button
Space bar Same as PL AY and PAUSE [CALL] but-
Ctrl + S key Same as STOP button
Ctrl+R key Same as RECORD [TRK INC] button
Ctrl + F key Track skip (FWD)
Ctrl + B key Track skip (REW)
2 key
Same as turning the MULTI JOG dial
right on the Home Screen (move to next
x key
Same as turning the MULTI JOG dial left
on the Home Screen (move to previous
Operations on menu, browse and other screens
Keyboard key Function
Esc key Cancel editing, including text, and return
to the Home Screen
F1 key Open the INFORMATION screen
F2 key Open the Menu Screen
F3 key Open the EDIT menu
F4 key Open the BROWSE screen
F5 key Turn repeat playback on/off
F6 key Turn A–B repeat playback on/off
F7 key Turn the pitch control function on/off
F8 key Turn the key control function on/off
F9 key Turn the auto cue function on/off
F10 key Turn the auto ready function on/off
F11 key Turn the incremental playback function
F12 key Start flash loading
Shift + F5 key Set WAV file bit length
Shift + F6 key Open recording format screen
Shift + F7 key Set MP3 file bit rate
Shift + F8 key Turn automatic track function on/off
Shift + F9 key Turn synchronized recording function
Shift + F10 key Turn sampling rate converter on/off
Shift + F11 key Dynamics setting
Ctrl + F1 key After flash loading completes, flash start
playback of track 1
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