11 – Network Functions
Selecting folders to use by inputting path names
Even when an FTP server cannot be connected, you can set
names of folders to use.
On the BROWSE screen for FTP server folder selection, press the
MULTI JOG dial to open a pop-up menu.
Select KEYBOARD SCREEN from the menu, and press the MULTI
JOG dial to open the path name input screen.
Input the path name for the item on the path name input screen,
and return to the menu screen.
For details about how to edit the text, seeEditing textpage 59.
i On a path name input screen, characters other than English
letters, numerals and symbols cannot be input.
i “ / ” and “ : ” only appear when inputting FTP server paths.
i If the path name is wider than the screen, use the m [A-B]
and , [INPUT] buttons to move the cursor and scroll the
path name left and right. If the left or right end is not being
shown, “ ” will appear at that end.
i To return to the BROWSE screen, select BROWSE▶ at the top
right of the path input screen, and press the MULTI JOG dial.
Press the MULTI JOG dial to test the connection with the set FTP
server, and open a pop-up message with the result.
The illustration above shows an example of a connection result.
This shows the setting status of the MODE item on the AUTO UP-
LOAD screen.
Select AUTO UPLOAD, and press the MULTI JOG dial to open the
Set the AUTO UPLOAD screen to automatically upload files that
have completed recording to the FTP server.
MODE item:
Options Meaning
OFF (default) Do not automatically upload.
ON Automatically upload.
DEL.AFTER UPLOAD Automatically delete files that have
been uploaded.
FTP server functions
By using an FTP client application on a computer, you can trans-
fer files between this unit and the computer. Connect to this unit
and log in as you would with another FTP server.
When you connect and log in, “A:”, “B:” and “C:” will appear in the
root directory. These correspond to the media loaded in “SD1”,
“SD2” and “USB”.
If the corresponding media are not loaded, nothing will appear
after “A:”, “B:” and “C:”.
For information about FTP client applications that have
already been confirmed to work with this unit, please contact
the TASCAM customer support service.
Required settings for FTP connection
The following settings are necessary to connect to this unit by
IP address: The IP address of the unit is shown in the IP AD-
DRESS item on the NETWORK 1 page.
Port number: 21
User name: SS-R250N Case-sensitive (cannot be changed)
Password: SS-R250N (default) (Case-sensitive) This can be
changed on the PASSWORD screen.(see “Network
function settings” on page 78)
i The simultaneous connection number is “1”.
i Depending on the FTP client application, you might be able to
connect 2 of these units by FTP simultaneously, but this could
cause normal file transmission to fail. For this reason, we
recommend that you do not simultaneously connect 2 units
by FTP.
i FTP connection is not possible when 232C/PARA/NETWORK is
set to LOCK on the LOCK SETUP screen.(see “Setting the lock
function” on page 29)
i If the setting is changed to LOCK when there is an FTP connec-
tion, the connection will be interrupted.
i If a NETWORK 1 or NETWORK 2 page setting is changed when
there is an FTP connection, the connection will be interrupted.
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