9 – Timer Event Function
Turning the timer event function on/
Timer events allow recording, playback, downloading and other
operations to be conducted automatically at set times.
1. Select TIMER EVENT on the TIMER EVENT page to open the
TIMER EVENT screen.(see “Menu operation procedures” on
page 22)
2. Enable or disable the timer event function.
Option Meaning
OFF (default) This disables the timer event function.
ON This enables the timer event function.
3. Confirm the setting and return to the Menu Screen.
i The icon appears on the Home Screen when the timer event
function is on.
i The timer event function cannot be used when PLAY AREA is
set to PLAYLIST.
Opening the timer event list screen
The timer event list screen shows the timer events that will be
automatically executed at set times and allows you to work with
Select TIMER EVENT LIST on the TIMER EVENT page to open the
timer event screen.(see “Menu operation procedures” on page
1 Number
This shows the timer event number.
2 ON/OFF status
This shows whether a timer event will be executed (ON) or not
3 SCHEDULE status
Events in the designated range are shown.
Use the timer event list menu to set the display range.(see
“Timer event bliss menu operations” on page 70)
Status Meaning
ALL All events shown
TODAY Only today's events shown
Events for the set date shown
Example: 2016/11/11
4 Event execution date/day
This shows the date or day the event will be executed.
o Date
Example: 2016/01/30
Events that repeat every month will be shown like
o Day
Events set for 3 days or less will be shown like Mon/Tue/
Events set for 4 days or more will be shown like _M__TFS
with just the first letters of the days.
o Every day
EVERY DAY will be shown.
5 Event execution time
This shows the time the event will be executed.
6 TYPE indicator
Icons are shown for different event types.
Icon Meaning
Repeat playback
Download (from an FTP server)
Delete before downloading (after all audio files
in the current folder are deleted, download files
from the FTP server)
7 Current time display (hour: minute: second)
This shows the current time of the built-in clock.
If no events have been added, the screen will appear as shown
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