Dividing tracks (DIVIDE)
A recorded track can be divided into two tracks at a specified
This is only possible when the playback mode is set to CONTINUE.
i MP3 tracks cannot be divided.
i The original track does not remain after division.
The division operation can be undone immediately after di-
vision.(see “Undoing edit menu operations (UNDO)” on page
1. Select the track to divide, and press the KEY [EDIT] button
while pressing the SHIFT button to open the edit menu
pop-up.(see “Edit menu operations” on page 66)
2. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to select the DIVIDE item.
3. Press the MULTI JOG dial to open the Home Screen.
Division rehearsal mode becomes active, and the TRACK dis-
play mode on the Home Screen shows 10msec units for the
track elapsed time. The PLAY and PAUSE [CALL] buttons on
the main unit also blink.
10msec increments
4. Use the scrub playback function to set the division point
accurately. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to scrub playback and
move to the division point
5. After finding the division point, press the MULTI JOG dial.
A confirmation pop-up message appears.
Press the MENU [JOG] button to change the division point.
When division rehearsal mode becomes active again, repeat
the procedure from step 3.
Proceed to the next step 6 to execute the division.
i After dividing, two new tracks with “_a” and “_b” added to the
end of the original track name are created.
Track name before division
Track names after division
i If the edited track was assigned to a playlist, that playlist will
become unplayable.
Delete it from the playlist on the PLAYLIST EDIT screen.
6. Press the MULTI JOG dial to divide the track.
A pop-up window appears while dividing.
8 – Using the Edit Menu
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