7 – Recording
Adding marks automatically when
By turning the auto mark function on, you can have the unit add
marks automatically when audio level overloads occur or when
synchronization errors occur because external clock is lost. Using
this function, you can quickly search for points where problems
occurred during recording.
When the automatic mark function is on, the icon appears
in the recording function activation status area on the recording
1. Select the AUTO MARK item on the REC 5 page to open the
AUTO MARK screen.(see “Menu operation procedures” on
page 22)
2. Set the following automatic mark function settings.
Add a mark whenever the audio level reaches 0 dB (full
Options: OFF (default), ON
Set a time interval for adding marks automatically.
Options: OFF (default), 1min, 10min, 15min, 30min,
Add a mark whenever synchronization with the external
clock is lost.
Options: OFF, ON (default)
Add a mark whenever recording starts if the pre-recording
function is on.
Options: OFF (default), ON
Add a mark when a buffer overflow occurs.
Options: OFF, ON (default)
When the AUTO MARK screen is open, use the m [A-B] and
, [INPUT] buttons to move the cursor between setting
3. When the cursor is at the BOF item, press the MULTI JOG
dial to confirm the setting and return to the menu.
i After an OVER or UNLOCK mark is added, the same type of mark
will not be added again until at least 10 seconds have passed.
i When an OVER occurs, a mark named OVERxx* will be added.
i For TIME, a mark named TIMExx* will be added.
i For UNLOCK, a mark named UNLKxx* will be added.
i For REC, a mark named RECxx* will be added.
i For BOF, a mark named BOFxx* will be added.
* The xx is a number given to all marks that is incremented in
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