7 – Recording
2. Set the automatic track incrementation mode.
Option Meaning
OFF (default) Tracks will not be automatically incremented.
The track number will be incremented when
the signal stays below the automatic track
level (AUTO TRACK screen LEVEL setting) for
at least two seconds, and then the signal
exceeds the level.
When a digital source (CD, DAT, MD) is being
recorded through a digital input, track
numbers will be incremented when track di-
visions on the source are detected. When re-
cording an analog source or a digital source
in any other manner, however, LEVEL mode
will be used and tracks will be implemented
in response to the input level.
SIZE The track number will be incremented when
the file reaches a set size.
3. The setting items differ depending on the set automatic
track incrementation mode.
LEVEL mode selected
Select the LEVEL item, and set the automatic track incre-
mentation level.
Options: -72dB, -66dB, -60dB, -54dB (default), -48dB,
-42dB, -36dB, -30dB, -24dB
Select DELAY, and set the delay until incrementation after
a signal is detected that exceeds the automatic track incre-
mentation level (10 msec = 0.01 sec).
By setting this to a negative value, recording can be start-
ed before signal detection (using the memory buffer).
Options: -1000msec0msec (default, 10msec incre-
ments) – +1000msec
DD mode selected
Options: -1000msec0msec (default, 10msec increments)
SIZE mode selected
Options: 640MByte, 1GByte, 2GByte (default)
Adding marks manually when record-
You can manually add a mark to a file where you want it when
recording, allowing you to find that point again quickly during
Moving between marks is only possible when stopped, play-
ing back or in playback standby.(see “Moving to marks” on
page 75)
Adding marks when recording
When recording or in recording standby and the Home Screen is
open, press the MULTI JOG dial to add a mark at that point.
The number of the added mark will be shown on a pull-up at the
bottom of the display.
i Marks added to files by this unit during recording are stored
in the files themselves. These marks can be used when playing
back the file using software or equipment that supports the
BWF format.
i The maximum number of marks that can be added to a file is
99. The mark data is stored in the file.
i You can also add marks when the unit is stopped, playing
back or in playback standby.(see “Adding marks” on page
i A mark added manually will be named MARKxx.*
* The xx is a number given to all marks that is incremented in
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