7 – Recording
Recording a few seconds in advance
Using the pre-recording function, the built-in memory can
capture up to 5 seconds of the signal input when the unit is in
recording standby before recording is started normally.
1. Select PRE REC on the REC 5 page to open the PRE REC
screen.(see “Menu operation procedures” on page 22)
2. Set the length of pre-recording.
Options: OFF (default), 1sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec
3. Confirm the setting and return to the Menu Screen.
If the amount of time in recording standby is less than the set
time, that amount of time is recorded instead.
Using the synchronized recording
When the synchronized recording function is on, recording will
start automatically when a signal is input that exceeds the sync
LEVEL set in advance. After starting recording, recording will
automatically pause if the signal stays below the sync level for
the set STOP TIME.
Synchronized recording settings
Select SYNC REC on the REC 5 page to open the SYNC REC
screen. Use the SYNC REC screen to make synchronized record-
ing settings.(see “Menu operation procedures” on page 22)
Turning the synchronized recording function on/off
Select the MODE item, and turn the synchronized recording func-
tion on/off.
Options: OFF (default), ON
When the synchronized recording function is on, the
icon appears in the recording function activation status area
on the recording screen.
Setting the synchronized recording function sync level
Select LEVEL, and set the synchronized recording sync level.
Options: -72dB, -66dB, -60dB, -54dB, -48dB, -42dB (default),
-36dB, -30dB, -24dB
Setting the delay before recording starts
Select DELAY, and set the delay until recording starts after a
signal that exceeds the sync level is detected (in 10msec (0.01sec)
By setting this to a negative value, recording can be started
before signal detection (using the memory buffer).
-1000msec0msec (default, 10msec increments) –
Setting the condition to return to recording standby
Select STOP TIME, and set the amount of time until recording
standby resumes after the signal goes below the sync level.
Options: INF, 5sec (default) – 30sec
Sync recording operation overview
When the sync recording function is on and the unit is in recording
standby, recording will start and stop automatically in response to
input source levels.
0When a signal higher than the sync level is input, recording
will start automatically. However, if a signal lower than the
sync level does not continue for at least one second after the
unit is put into recording standby, recording will not start
automatically even though input is detected.
Sync level
Recording starts
In the above example, DELAY is set to 0msec (default). By
changing the DELAY item, you can change the point when
recording starts.
0During recording, when the signal stays below the sync level
for the amount of time set with the STOP TIME item, record-
ing will automatically pause.
Sync level
Recording standby state
If STOP TIME is set to INF, recording will not pause automati-
cally even if the signal stays below the sync level.
0To disable sync recording, set the SYNC REC screen MODE item
to OFF.(see “Synchronized recording settings” on page 61)
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