7 – Recording
Input source display
Confirm the currently selected input source by following the
procedures in “Selecting the input source” above or checking the
input setting status on the recording screen.
Input source information display
when IF-DA2 card installed) is selected, pop-up messages will
appear under the following conditions.
o The unit is not digitally locked to the input source (DIN
UNLOCK will appear).
o The input source is not audio (DIN Not Audio will appear).
o If the sampling frequency set with the SAMPLE item on the
REC 3 page differs from the input source, FS UNMATCH will
appear. If the sampling rate converter is active, however,
recording will be possible even if the sampling frequency
is different.(see “Using the sampling rate converter” on
page 60)
Setting left/right channel inputs sepa-
Left and right channel input settings can be made separately on
this unit.
The screens where they can be set separately are as follows.
0BALANCED INPUT GAIN screen(see “Setting mic/line input
sensitivity” on page 54)
0INPUT LEVEL screen(see “Adjusting input signal levels” on
page 54)
0PHANTOM POWER screen(see “Setting phantom power” on page
0MIC AGC screen(see “Setting automatic gain control for mic
inputs” on page 55)
0DYNAMICS screen(see “Using the dynamics function” on page
0LOW CUT screen(see “Setting the low-cut filter” on page 56)
1. Select the REC SET LINK item on the REC 1 page to open
the REC SET LINK screen.(see “Menu operation procedures”
on page 22)
2. Select the left/right channel setting method.
Option Meaning
OFF Left and right channels input settings are
made separately.
ON (default) The left and right channel input settings
are linked.
When the left and right channel settings are unlinked, if the
REC SET LINK screen LINK item is changed to ON, the right
channel settings will change to match the left channel set-
tings. If the REC SET LINK screen LINK item is reset to OFF, the
right channel will retain the same settings as the left channel.
3. Confirm the setting and return to the Menu Screen.
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