6 – Editing Playlists
Playlist editing overview
The first time that any SD card or USB flash drive is loaded in the
unit, one empty playlist will be created on it automatically. You
can also create new playlists.
Playback units in the playlist are called “entries”.
A maximum of 100 entries can be assigned to a playlist.
Only files on the medium that contains the created playlist can
be assigned as entries.
To assign files from other media to a playlist, copy them to the
current medium first.
An entry can be assigned and removed from a playlist even
when it is being played back.
The entry that is currently being played, however, cannot be
Opening the playlist screen
Opening the playlist screen from the BROWSE screen
You can view the playlist screen from the BROWSE screen.
If the medium was formatted by this unit, a playlist01.ppl
playlist will automatically be created inside the _playlists
folder in the first level of the ROOT folder. You can also create new
playlists inside the _playlists folder.(see “Creating new play-
lists” on page 49)
The following operation examples useplaylist01.ppl, which is
automatically created after formatting.
1. Press the PITCH [BROWSE] button while pressing the SHIFT
button to open the BROWSE screen.
2. When the ROOT folder is selected, turn the MULTI JOG dial
to select the _playlists folder.
3. Press the MULTI JOG dial to open a pop-up menu.
4. Select ENTER, and press the MULTI JOG dial.
This opens the _playlists folder where the playlist01.
ppl playlist that was automatically created appears.
5. Select playlist01.ppl, and press the MULTI JOG dial to
open a pop-up menu.
6. Select ENTER (if the current playlist is playlist01.ppl) or
LOAD (if the current playlist is not playlist01.ppl), and
press the MULTI JOG dial to show the files that have been
assigned to playlist01.ppl. If nothing has been assigned
yet, 100 blank entries will appear.
On this unit, playlist01.ppl will be the current playlist
at first. After other playlists have been created, the playlist
opened last becomes the current playlist.
Opening the current playlist screen from the menu
Select PLAYLIST EDIT on the PLAYLIST page to open the entry
list screen for the current playlist.
Assigning files to a playlist
Files can be assigned to playlists.
See Assigning files to playlistspage 50 for details.
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