4 – Playback
Searching backward and forward
You can search backward and forward within a track while listen-
ing to it.
1. Play or pause the desired track.
2. Press and hold the m [A-B]/, [INPUT] button on the
unit (or remote control m [.]/, [/] button).
Searching backward/forward will start.
3. To stop searching, release the button you are pressing.
The state (playing or paused) before searching started will
Jog playback
You can put the unit into jog playback mode, and use the MULTI
JOG dial to search in 10msec increments.
1. Press the MENU [JOG] button while pressing the SHIFT
button to activate jog playback mode.
The PLAY and PAUSE [CALL] buttons on the unit will blink,
and the track elapsed time will be shown with 10msec
increments on the Home Screen in TRACK display mode.
10msec increments
2. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to search.
3. To end jog playback mode, press the STOP, PLAY or PAUSE
[CALL] button to use its function (stop, playback from or
pause at the search position).
Program playback
By setting a program in advance, you can play the desired tracks
in the desired order. Up to 99 tracks can be assigned to the pro-
Setting the program
Follow the procedures below to set the program.
1. When stopped, set the playback mode to PROGRAM.(see
“Setting the play mode” on page 31)
2. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to select a track number, and press
the MULTI JOG dial to assign it to the program.
This assigns the track to the program.
3. Repeat step 2 to assign desired tracks to the program in
The program number and total time appear on the display.
i The same track can be assigned to the program multiple
i While pressing the SHIFT button, press the KEY [EDIT] button
to remove the last assigned track from the program.
i If you try to assign more than 99 tracks to the program, a
PROGRAM FULL pop-up will appear. Up to 99 tracks can be
assigned to the program.
i If the total time of the programmed tracks exceeds 99:59:59,
- -:- -:- -” appears on the display.
4. Press the PLAY button to start program playback.
i When the playback mode is set to PROGRAM, playback is not
possible if no tracks have been assigned to the program.
i When the playback mode is changed, all program data will be
i When stopped, pressing the STOP button will clear all pro-
gram data
i Program data will be cleared when the unit is turned off.
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