3 – Preparation
Connecting and disconnecting USB
flash drives
You can connect and disconnect USB flash drives whether the
unit is on or off.
Never disconnect a USB flash drive when it is being accessed,
such as in the cases listed below.
Doing so could cause proper recording to fail, recorded data
to be lost, and sudden loud noises from monitoring equip-
ment, which might damage the equipment, harm hearing or
cause other trouble.
Moreover, removing a card during FIRMWARE UPDATE execu-
tion could result in the unit becoming unable to start up or
operate properly.
o When recording
o During playback
o During FIRMWARE UPDATE execution(see “Firmware update
procedures” on page 89)
o When the BROWSE screen is open and the USB flash drive is
being accessed
Selecting media
Before conducting other operations, select the medium to use
(USB, SD1 or SD2).
Follow the procedures below to select the medium.
1. Press the MEDIA button to open the MEDIA SELECT screen.
2. Press the MEDIA button to select the medium to use, and
press the MULTI JOG dial to confirm it.
3. The name of the currently selected medium appears in the
current medium area of the Home Screen.
Current media name
: USB flash drive selected
: SD card 1 selected
: SD card 2 selected
Preparing SD cards and USB flash
drives for use
In order to use an SD card or USB flash drive with this unit, you
must use this unit to format it first.
i Formatting erases all the data on the SD card or USB flash
i Always use this unit to format media to be used with it. Op-
eration of this unit might be affected when using an SD card
or USB flash drive that has been formatted by a computer or
other device.
1. Open the MEDIA SELECT screen, and select the medium to
format.(see “Selecting media” on page 28)
2. Select the MEDIA FORMAT item on the MEDIA page to open a
format method option pop-up.(see “Menu operation proce-
dures” on page 22)
QUICK FORMAT: Format only system data on the medium.
ERASE FORMAT: Completely format the medium.
The ERASE FORMAT item only appears when an SD card is
selected as the current medium.
3. Select the format method, and press the MULTI JOG dial.
A confirmation pop-up message appears.
Press the MENU [JOG] button to cancel formatting.
4. Press the MULTI JOG dial to start formatting.
The following pop-up message will appear during format-
Pop-up when QUICK FORMAT selected
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