3 – Preparation
Inserting and removing SD cards
Inserting SD cards
Insert an SD card into an SD card slot on the front of the unit to
enable playback and recording by this unit.
SD cards can be inserted whether or not the unit is on or off (in
1. Pull the SD card slot cover forward to open it.
2. Inserted SD cards with the correct orientation.
The label should be up and the connector should be insert-
ed toward the back.
3. Close the card slot cover.
If the SD card slot cover cannot be closed, remove the SD card
and insert it again.
Removing SD cards
Turn the unit off or stop operation before removing an SD card.
Never remove an SD card from the unit when it is being ac-
cessed, such as in the cases listed below.
Doing so could cause proper recording to fail, recorded data
to be lost, and sudden loud noises from monitoring equip-
ment, which might damage the equipment, harm hearing or
cause other trouble.
Moreover, removing a card during FIRMWARE UPDATE execu-
tion could result in the unit becoming unable to start up or
operate properly.
o When recording
o During playback
o During FIRMWARE UPDATE execution(see “Firmware update
procedures” on page 89)
o When the BROWSE screen is open and the SD card is being
1. Pull the SD card slot cover forward to open it.
2. Press the SD card in gently to make it to come forward.
3. Pull the SD card out by hand.
Using the security screw
You can use the included security screw to lock the card slot cov-
er switch.
Use a Phillips (+) driver to install/remove the security screw.
SD card write-protection switches
SD cards have write-protection switches that prevent writing
new data to them.
If you slide the protect switch to the LOCK position, file record-
ing and editing will not be possible. Unlock cards to enable
changing their data, including recording and erasing.
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