3 – Preparation
Installing a Dante interface card
(sold separately)
Before installing or removing a Dante interface card (sold
separately), disconnect the power cord from the outlet or the
1. Remove the two screws from the plain panel and remove
the panel itself.
2. Insert the Dante interface card into the card slot. Align the
edges of the Dante interface card with the white guides in-
side the slot and insert it securely. Push the Dante interface
card in until its backplate reaches the back panel of the unit,
leaving no gap, and clicks into place. Do not force the card
into the slot. If you cannot insert the card properly, remove
it once and try reinserting it.
3. Use the two removed screws to secure the Dante interface
card in place.
4. Turn this unit on.
When the unit recognizes the Dante interface card, IF-DA2
(DANTE) will become available as an input source setting on
the INPUT SELECT screen.(see “Selecting the input source”
on page 52)
If IF-DA2 (DANTE) does not appear as an option on the
INPUT SELECT screen, the Dante interface card might not
be inserted correctly or the screws might not be tightened
securely. Insert the Dante interface card securely into the
unit again.
Turning the unit on and off
Press the STANDBY/ON button on the front of the unit to turn it
Startup screen
Home Screen
After the unit starts and the startup screen is shown, the Home
Screen will open.
If no current medium is loaded or there are no audio files in the
current folder, the track number and time will not be shown on
the Home Screen.
Turning the unit off:
1. Press and hold the STANDBY/ON button to open a pop-up
2. When the confirmation pop-up is open, press and hold the
MULTI JOG dial to turn the unit off.
i Do not disconnect the power cord when the unit is operating
(including recording, playing back, or writing data to an SD
card or USB flash drive). Doing so could cause proper record-
ing to fail, recorded data to be lost, and sudden loud noises
from monitoring equipment, which might damage the equip-
ment, harm hearing or cause other trouble.
i When the unit is started up for the first time (or when the
built-in clock is reset after being left unused without power
for a long time), the CLOCK ADJUST screen appears before the
start-up screen to allow the date and time of the built-in clock
to be set.(see “Setting the built-in clock date and time” on
page 26)
Press the MENU [JOG] button briefly to not turn the unit off.
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