3 – Preparation
Preparing the remote control
Installing the coin battery
When this unit is purchased a new, a lithium coin battery
(CR2025) is preinstalled in the remote control. To use the
remote control, remove the isolation sheet inserted in the bat-
tery holder.
1. Remove the battery holder from the remote control.
While pressing 1, pull it in the 2 direction.
2. Being careful to maintain the correct ¥/ ^ orientation,
install the lithium coin battery (CR2025) into the battery
3. Insert the battery holder into the remote control.
When to replace the battery
Replace the battery with a new one if the distance from the main
unit that the remote can be used decreases or if the unit stops
responding to the remote buttons.
Use a lithium coin battery (CR2025).
Battery precautions
The accidental swallowing of lithium coin batteries by small
children is extremely dangerous. Keep these batteries and this
remote control in places where small children cannot reach
them. Should a child swallow a battery, consult with a doctor
Misuse of batteries could cause them to leak or rupture, for ex-
ample. Carefully read and follow the caution labels on batteries.
0Install lithium coin batteries with the correct orientation.
0Do not charge lithium coin batteries.
0Do not heat or disassemble lithium coin batteries. Do not put
them in fire or water.
0Do not transport or store lithium coin batteries with small
metal objects. Doing so could cause the batteries to short
and leak or rupture, for example.
0When storing and disposing of them, isolate their terminals
with tape, for example, so that they do not touch other bat-
teries or metal objects.
0Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions on
them and the requirements set by your local government.
Using the wireless remote control
See Wireless remote control (TASCAM RC-10)page 16 for the
button functions.
When using the remote control, point it toward the receiver on
the unit and use it within the range shown below.
Remote control signal receiver
Remote control operation range
Front: 7 m
Angle: ±15 degrees
i The range will vary according to the angle.
i Operation might not be possible if there are obstacles.
i Remove the battery if not using the remote control for a long
time (a month or more).
i It battery fluid should leak, wipe away any fluid inside the
case thoroughly and install a new battery.
i When using other devices that can be controlled by infrared
rays, operation of this remote control could cause those devic-
es to function improperly.
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