1 – Introduction
SD cards and USB flash drives
This unit uses SD cards and USB flash drives for recording and
A list of SD cards and USB flash drives that have been confirmed
for use with this unit can be found on our web site. Please access
to a product page of this product from the TEAC Global Site
(http://teac-global.com) to find the list or contact the TASCAM
customer support service.
Precautions for use
SD cards and USB flash drives are delicate media.
In order to avoid damaging SD cards and USB flash drives, please
take the following precautions when handling them.
0Do not leave them in extremely hot or cold places.
0Do not leave them in extremely humid places.
0Do not let them get wet.
0Do not put things on top of them or twist them.
0Do not hit them.
0Do not remove or insert them during recording, playback,
data transmission or other access.
0When transporting them, put them into cases, for example.
SD card write protection
This unit writes track information to the media in order to im-
prove operation performance. Since track information cannot be
written to SD cards that are write-protected, the amount of time
needed to read media will become longer, for example.
Note about formatting
SD cards and USB flash drives formatted by this unit are opti-
mized to improve performance during recording. Use this unit
to format the SD cards and USB flash drives to be used with it.
Errors might occur when recording with this unit using an SD
card or USB flash drive formatted by a computer or other device.
Using the TEAC Global Site
You can download the Owner’s Manual necessary for this unit
from the TEAC Global Site (http://teac-global.com/).
1. Open the TEAC Global Site (http://teac-global.com/).
2. In the TASCAM Downloads section, click the desired lan-
guage to open the Downloads website page for that lan-
If the desired language does not appear, click Other Languages.
3. Click the product name in the “Search by Model Name”
section to open the Downloads page for that product.
4. Select and download the Owner’s Manual that are needed.
User registration
Customers in the USA, please visit the TASCAM website (http://
tascam.com/) to register as a user online.
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