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TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 9
Handling of compact discs
Observe the following:
Always place compact discs in the tray with their
label facing upward (compact discs can only be
played on one side).
To remove a disc from its storage case, press down
on the center of the case, and lift the disc out, hold-
ing it carefully by the edges.
Finger marks and dust should be carefully wiped
off the discs recorded surface with a soft cloth.
Unlike conventional records, the compact disc has
no grooves to collect dust and microscopic debris,
so gently wiping with a soft cloth should remove
most particles.
Wipe in a straight motion from the inside to the
outside of the disc. Small dust particles and light
stains will have absolutely no effect on reproduc-
tion quality.
Never use such chemicals as record sprays, anti-
static sprays or fluid, benzine or thinner to clean
compact discs. Such chemicals will do irreparable
damage to the discs plastic surface.
Discs should be returned to their cases after use to
avoid serious scratches that could cause the laser
pickup to skip”.
Dont expose discs to direct sunlight or high
humidity and temperature for extended periods.
Long exposure to high temperature can warp the
Only use circular compact discs. Avoid using non-
circular promotional, etc. discs.
To keep the laser pickups clean, dont touch them.
For the same reason, dont leave the disc trays
opened unnecessarily.
Additional notes with regard to CD-R and CD-RW discs
There are additional precautions that you should take
when handling CD-R and CD-RW discs, that are dif-
ferent to those that you should take when handling
ordinary CDs.
Avoid touching the recording (non-label) side of a
disc on which you will be recording. Recording on
a disc requires a cleaner surface than playing back,
and fingerprints, grease, etc. can cause errors in the
recording process.
CD-R discs are more sensitive to the effects of heat
and ultraviolet rays than ordinary CDs. It is impor-
tant that they are not stored in a location where
direct sunlight will fall on them, and which is away
from sources of heat such as radiators or heat-gen-
erating electrical devices.
Always store CD-R discs in their jewel cases to
avoid dirt and dust accumulating on their surfaces.
Do not put labels or protective sheets on the discs
and do not use any protective coating spray.
When labeling CD-R discs, always use a soft oil-
based felt-tipped pen to write the information.
Never use a ball-point or hard-tipped pen, as this
may cause damage to the recorded side.
Dirty discs may be cleaned using a soft dry cloth
and/or a commercial CD cleaning fluid or ethyl
alcohol. Do not use thinner, gasoline, benzene or
LP cleaning fluid, as these will damage the disc.
If you are in any doubt as to the care and handling
of a CD-R disc, read the precautions supplied with
the disc, or contact the disc manufacturer directly.
Never use a stabilizer or printable discs
Using commercially available CD stabilizers or
printable recordable discs with this player will dam-
age the mechanism and cause it to malfunction.
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