1 IntroductionFinalizing
8 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
For the automatic tape selection function to work
properly, metal and high position (cobalt) tapes must
have the appropriate identification holes.
Note that Type I (normal), Type II (high-position/
chrome) and Type IV (metal) tapes can be played
back. Recording is possible with Type I (normal) and
Type II (high-position/chrome) tapes.
About CD-R and CD-RW discs
The CC-222 uses CD-R and CD-RW media, and can
also use CD-R and CD-RW Digital Audio media.
In this manual, when we refer to CD-R and CD-
RW discs, we always include CD-R Digital Audio
and CD-RW Digital Audio, even when this is not
explicitly stated.
CD-R discs can be recorded once only. Once they
have been used for recording, they cannot be erased
or re-recorded. However, if space is available on the
disc, additional material can be recorded. The pack-
aging of CD-R discs will include one of the follow-
ing logos:
By contrast, a CD-RW disc can be used in much the
same way as a CD-R disc, but the last track or tracks
recorded can be erased before the disc has been
finalized, and the space on the disc can be re- used
for other recordings. The packaging of CD-RW discs
will include one of the following logos:
However, you should note that an audio CD created
using a CD-RW disc may not play back satisfactorily
on every audio CD player. It will, naturally, be play-
able on the CC-222. This is in no way a limitation of
the CC-222 itself, but of the difference between the
different types of media and the methods used to read
CD-R discs created on the CC-222, by contrast, may
be played satisfactorily on the majority of audio CD
Although audio data may be written on a CD-R or
CD-RW disc, a standard CD player will not be able
to read the data (i.e. play back the audio) until a final
table of contents (TOC) has been written at the start
of the disc.
The process of writing this table of contents is known
as finalizing. Once this has been done, no further
data can be written to the disk. See Finalizing on
page 34 for details.
In the case of a CD-RW disc which has been final-
ized, the whole of the disc may be erased, or the disc
may be refreshed, and the disc re-used.
In addition, a CD-RW disc that has been finalized
may be unfinalized, i.e. the TOC is removed. This
allows further tracks to be recorded to the disc, pro-
vided that there is space on the disc.
Recordable discs
In this manual, we use the term recordable disc to
describe a CD-R or CD-RW disc that has not been
finalized, i.e. further recording is possible on the
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