1 Introduction—Some notes and precautions
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 7
Rack-mounting the unit
Use the rack-mounting kit to mount the unit in a stan-
dard 19-inch equipment rack, as shown below.
Remove the feet of the unit before mounting it.
See Environmental considerations on page 7 below
for details of ventilation, etc.
Environmental considerations
The CC-222 may be used in most areas, but to main-
tain top performance, and prolong operating life,
observe the following environmental conditions:
The nominal temperature should be between 5°C and
35°C (41°F and 95°F). The CC-222 is more sensitive
to extremes of temperature than ordinary CD players.
Relative humidity should be 30 to 90 degrees non-
As the unit may become hot during operation, always
leave sufficient space above the unit for ventilation.
If you are mounting the unit in a rack, leave 1U of
space above it. Allow at least 10 cm (4 in) at the rear
of the unit for ventilation.
You should not place the unit on a piece of equip-
ment generating heat, e.g. an amplifier, to avoid pos-
sible problems with overheating.
Make sure that the unit is mounted in a level position
for correct operation. Do not mount the unit in a rack
tilted 5° or more from the vertical position.
If the mounting surface is more than 5 degrees away
from the horizontal, the tray will not open or close.
The voltage supplied to the unit should match the
voltage as printed on the rear panel. If you are in any
doubt regarding this matter, consult an electrician.
When transporting the unit, always use the original
packing materials. For this reason, we strongly recom-
mend that you save all the packing materials that came
with the CC-222, in case you need to transport it in the
In addition, when transporting the unit, you should
tape the disc tray closed, using an adhesive tape that
will not spoil the finish of the unit.
Beware of condensation
If the unit (or a compact disc) is moved from a cold
to a warm place, or used after a sudden temperature
change, there is a danger of condensation; vapor in
the air could condense on the internal mechanism,
making correct operation impossible. To prevent this,
or if this occurs, leave the player for one or two hours
with the power turned on, then turn the power off and
on again.
About tapes
Do not store tapes in the following places:
On top of heaters, exposed to direct sunlight, or in
any other places with high temperatures.
Near speakers, on TV sets or amplifiers or where
they would be exposed to strong magnetic fields.
Where humidity is high, or in dirty, dusty places.
Avoid dropping or subjecting cassettes to excessive
As C-120 tapes are mechanically weak, and could
become entangled in the transport mechanism, we do
not recommend their use.
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