6 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
1 Introduction
The CC-222 provides you with an advanced system
for the recording and playback of digital compact
discs and analog cassettes, providing easy duplica-
tion facilities in both directions, and combining the
most advanced technology in both fields.
Additional audio units, both analog and digital, can
be connected easily through the rear panel connec-
tions, allowing the recording of other sources.
Additionally, the CC-222 is fitted with a dedicated
phono connection, which eliminates the need for an
additional RIAA-equipped amplifier when archiving
vinyl recordings.
TASCAMs legendary attention to detail provides a
high-quality full-featured cassette tape deck, com-
plete with Dolby noise reduction circuitry.1
24-bit digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital con-
verters provide excellent recording and playback
quality for the CD recorder.
A sampling frequency convertor is incorporated,
allowing the recording of CDs from digital audio
sources which are at frequencies other than the CD
standard sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz.
Disc track divisions can be entered manually, or can
produced automatically as a response to the input
signal level.
One-touch fade-ins and fade-outs over a specified
time allow you to edit program material to your spe-
cific requirements.
A multi-function multi dial is used to set and con-
firm parameter settings.
A convenient wireless remote control unit provides
additional functionality and permits the operation of
the unit from a distance.
This product is designed to help you record and repro-
duce sound works to which you own the copyright, or
where you have obtained permission from the copy-
right holder or the rightful licensor. Unless you own the
copyright, or have obtained the appropriate permission
from the copyright holder or the rightful licensor, your
unauthorized recording, reproduction or distribution
thereof may result in severe criminal penalties under
copyright laws and international copyright treaties. If
you are uncertain about your rights, contact your legal
advisor. Under no circumstances will TEAC Corporation
be responsible for the consequences of any illegal copy-
ing performed using the CC-222.
Supplied accessories
As well as this manual, you should also find a RC-
222 remote control unit packed with the unit. Only
use this remote control unit with the CC-222.
Some notes and precautions
Treat the CC-222 as you would any other piece of
precision equipment.
Avoid exposing it to extremes of temperature and
humidity and avoid mechanical shocks and vibration.
Keep the unit away from strong magnetic fields (TV
sets, computer monitors, large electric motors, etc.).
1. Dolby noise reduction manufactured under
license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing
DOLBY and the double-D U symbol are
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing
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