7 Reference and specificationsDimensional drawing
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 41
Dimensional drawing
Tape maintenance
The heads and tape path should be cleaned and
demagnetized periodically.
Cleaning the tape path Apply head cleaning
fluid to a cotton bud or soft cloth, and lightly rub the
heads, capstan and all metal parts in the tape path.
Also clean the pinch roller using rubber cleaning
Both fluids are available in TEAC Tape Cleaning
Kits HC-2 and RC-2 in the U.S.A. or TZ-261 in other
Demagnetizing heads Be sure that the power is
off, then demagnetize the heads using a TEAC E-3
For details of its use, read the instructions supplied
with the demagnetizer and make sure you understand
them thoroughly before attempting this operation.
466 m (18.4")
483 mm (19.0")
435mm (17.1")
57.2 mm
132.5 mm (5.2")
138 mm (5.4")
270 mm (10.6")
15 mm
Pinch Roller
Erase Head Record/Play Head
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