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38 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
Menu items
The following are the menu items that can be set
using the MENU key. The majority of them affect
disc recording.
Pressing the MENU key repeatedly cycles through the
menu items. Not every menu item is available in
every situation (for instance, if a digital input is not
selected, the digital direct option is not shown).
Turn the MULTI DIAL to change a value.
Press the MULTI DIAL to confirm the change and exit
the menu system.
Alternatively, keep pressing the MENU key until the
normal time counter is displayed.
Resetting default menu values
User settings and the values of the input selection for
1 and 2 are stored in memory, and are retained when
the power is turned off.
To restore these settings to the factory defaults as in
the table above, use a ballpoint pen or similar to hold
down the RESET button on the rear panel:
While holding down the button, turn on the power to
the unit and keep the RESET button pressed for at
least two seconds after turning on the power. The
menu values will be reset. The values for INPUT 1
and INPUT 2 are set to LINE 1 and LINE 2
Tray Error! Error in the CD tray mechanism.
Drive Error! Error in the CD drive mechanism.
Symptom Possible cause and remedy
Menu displayed Meaning Described in: Default (factory) value
A-TRACK Automatic track increment Automatic track division on page 31 ON
S-LVL Sound (trigger) level for track increment Setting the trigger level on page 28 and
Using the trigger level on page 29
COPY ID Copy-protection on recorded discs Copy-protection on page 33 1 GEN
FADE IN Allows fade in of recorded discs Fade-in and fade-out on page 32 3s
FADE OUT Allows fade out of recorded discs Fade-in and fade-out on page 32 3s
DUB>VOL Bypasses (THRU) or enables (ON) the
internal volume when dubbing from tape to
disc or disc to tape
Dubbing tapes from the CD deck on
page 16 and Dubbing from tape to disc
on page 27
PHONO Sends the PHONO inputs to DISC or
Recording tapes from the PHONO deck
on page 17 and Recording to disc from
the RIAA PHONO inputs on page 27
D_DIRECT Records directly from the digital source to
Digital direct on page 32 OFF
VOLUME Digital volume control Signal volume on page 24 0dB
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