TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 37
7 Reference and specifications
Symptom Possible cause and remedy
No power when
is pressed The power cord is not inserted properly. Check and correct this.
Hum on playback Audio connections not made properly. Check the connections
No audio output The external amplifier is no properly connected, or the wrong set of inputs connected to
the active
s has been selected on the amplifier. Check and correct.
The remote control does not seem to work Is the power on? Are the batteries in the remote control dead? Is the remote control unit
too far away or at the wrong angle for correct operation (Use of the remote control unit on
page 10)?
Low sound quality when playing back a tape The heads are dirty or magnetized. See Tape maintenance on page 41.
Sound is odd when playing back. a tape Pitch control may be off center (Pitch control on page 18)
Tape recording cannot be carried out The write-protect tabs have been broken off the cassette, the heads are dirty, or the
recording level is set too low.
Hum appears at the
input The grounding wire is not connected from the record deck to the CC-222.
No sound on playback (the disc is playing and
the time display is incrementing)
The connections from the CC-222 to the amplifier system have not been made properly, or
the input source selector is not at the correct position.
No meter indication when a source is input Analog and/or digital volume (Signal volume on page 24) is set too low. The signal is
being input through an unselected input source (Input selection on page 24)
The input selection is not made correctly (Recording operations on page 16 (tape) or
Input selection on page 24 (disc).
There is a gap in the A-B loop when played
The A and B points are in different tracks.
The unit is in AUTO SPACE mode and is not
playing (it is paused)
When the unit is automatically paused as a result of the auto space mode, pressing the
AUTO SPACE key puts the unit into pause mode, and playback does not resume automat-
ically after the auto pause time is elapsed (see Auto spacing on page 23).
D-IN UNLOCK! A digital input source has been selected for CD recording, but the source is not connected
or is not switched on.
Cannot record on a disc (pressing
shows MONITOR)
A finalized disc has been inserted. Use an unfinalized recordable disc.
The recording level suddenly jumps (up or
down) when switching to or from digital direct
When recording from digital sources, the digital direct mode bypasses the digital level
(“Signal volume on page 24), so that if this has been set to a non-zero value, the level will
be different. See Digital direct on page 32.
PGM Full ! An attempt has been made to create more than 25 program steps.
Disc Full!
or Cannot Rec!
There is no space on the disc, or no tracks are available, or a general recording error has
Not FS 44.1k! You are trying to do digital direct recording from a source which has not been recorded at
44.1 kHz (Digital direct on page 32).
Disc Error The disc is bad. If it is a CD-RW disc, you may refresh it (Refreshing a disc on page 35),
otherwise replace the disc.
Erase Error! An error has occurred while trying to erase the disc.
The display suddenly shows PMA Writing Either the disc is full (this message will be prefaced by
Disc Full!!
disc on page 26) or an attempt has been mode to write more than 99 tracks.
Rec Error General recording error. This may be caused by vibration or a shock during recording, for
example, or may be the result of a bad disc. Try recording again with the same disc. If the
message appears again, try a different disc.
No OPC Area! Appears only with CD-R discs. The OPC area is full, and no further recording is possible
on this disc. Finalize the disc.
OPC Area CLR Seen when a CD-RW disc OPC area is full, and the CC-222 automatically cleans up the
OPC area for further recording.
Need Repair! Current disc needs repair. Refresh the CD-RW disc using the procedure described in
Refreshing a disc on page 35.
System Err! System error.
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