5 Recording CDsCopy-protection
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 33
The fade-in and fade-out times can be reset to new
values while recording is in progress.
Fades are also possible in digital direct mode (Digi-
tal direct on page 32).
The CC-222 allows copy-protection to be applied to
the discs produced. Naturally, the copy-protection
applies only to digital-to-digital copies.
There are three settings:
FREE (may be freely copied), where no copy-pro-
tection is applied to the recorded disc.
1GEN (single-generation copying), where one
digital copy (child) can be made from the
recorded disc, but no digital copies (grandchil-
dren) can be made from the child.
PROH (copy prohibited) which prevents any digi-
tal copies being made from the recorded disc
1Press the MENU key repeatedly until the dis-
play shows COPY ID>XXXX, where
XXXX is the current setting for copy-protec-
tion as shown above.
2Turn the MULTI DIAL or use the SKIP keys to
change the copy-protection setting.
Copy-protection applies on a ““per-track, not a per-
disc basis. This means that you can apply different copy-
protection levels to different tracks (but you cant apply
different copy-protection levels to different parts of the
same track). If copy-protection is important to your
work, you may want to check this setting every time
you make a recording, to ensure that you have the pro-
tection level that you want.
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