5 Recording CDsAdvanced recording
30 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
If the noise floor is higher than the threshold, syn-
chronized recording will not take place (but remem-
ber that synchronized recording is not recommended
with the PHONO mode see Recording to disc
from the RIAA PHONO inputs on page 27):
Because synchronized recording can be turned on
and off while recording is taking place, it is therefore
possible to record with a synchronized automatic
start, and a manual end, or vice versa.
When the source material is being played back
before synchronized recording is enabled, the condi-
tions under which synchronized recording will start
(after synchronized recording has been enabled) are:
When the signal drops below the threshold for one
second or more and then rises above the threshold
again (this is the general condition, of which starting
synchronized recording from a stopped or paused
source is a special case):
Alternatively, when recording digitally from sources
(MD, CD and DAT) which output track divisions,
synchronized recording starts when a track division
is received, regardless of the level:
To stop synchronized recording:
1The unit must be in record mode, and the
indicator in the display must be lit.
2Stop the source. After a few seconds, the unit
enters record ready mode. The time between
the stopping of the source and entering
record ready mode is used to record a gap at
the end of the track.
3If no changes are made to the units controls,
restarting the source restarts recording, as
the unit is still in sync mode and will start
recording again when the source is detected.
When recording in sync mode, you may notice a slight
delay between starting the source, and the CC-222
responding. This is due to the way in which the unit
works, storing the data in a memory buffer before writ-
ing it to the disc. The resulting delay is therefore not a
cause for concernall audio data received between the
start and end points will be recorded.
Synchronized recording
Synchronized recording means that recording will
begin automatically when a signal is received, and
will stop when the signal ends.
To enable or disable synchronized recording:
1A recordable disc must be loaded.
2With the unit in record ready or record mode,
press the SYNC REC key.
The display shows SYNC ON briefly, and
then changes to the track and time display.
When synchronized recording is enabled, the
indicator lights in the display.
The SYNC REC key is also used to turn off syn-
chronized recording (the display briefly shows
SYNC OFF and then returns to the track
and time display).
Start of track is not registered
Noise is higher
than threshold
At least 1
Track signal from source
starts recording
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