5 Recording CDsAdvanced recording
28 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
remote control unit). Prepare to play the
record on the external record player.
3Press the PHONO key. The input changes to
the RIAA PHONO input (the
indicator lights on the display), and the disc
recorder enters record ready mode.
4Start playing back the record.
5Start recording on the disc by pressing the
disc PLAY key.
The level can be adjusted using the CD
INPUT control.
Recording will stop when the recording time
on the disc ends, or when the disc STOP key
is pressed. The input source returns to the
previously-selected key.
No keys are enabled in this phono recording mode,
except for the disc
key. This includes the
key, which can therefore not be used for
manual track increments (Manual track division on
page 26). If you want to use manual track division, use
the normal recording procedure, with the phono inputs
selected as the source.
During dubbing with auto track enabled, the trigger
level (Setting the trigger level on page 28) is fixed at
24 dB and cannot be changed.
This mode cannot be entered if a recordable disc is not
loaded in the drive.
It is also possible to perform manual recording to
disc from the RIAA PHONO source. This is the same
as the standard manual recording procedure (Basic
recording on page 25), except that the
option should be selected (INPUT 1 SEL key) before
recording starts.
It is not possible to make manual recordings from the
source to tape.
Advanced recording
These sections cover more advanced recording
Setting the trigger level
The signal level which may be used with synchro-
nized recording operations (here called the trigger
level or threshold) is set as below:
1With a recordable disc loaded, press the MENU
key until the display shows: S_LVL>>
xxdB, where xx is the current value.
2Turn the MULTI JOG control or use the SKIP
keys to change the value between -24, -30,
-36, -42, -48, -54, -60, -66, and
-72 dB. (-60, -66 and -72 are only for digital).
Low numerical values of this setting (towards 24)
mean that it takes a louder signal to trigger the start
of the synchronized recording. A high numerical
value (towards 72) means that a relatively quiet sig-
nal will trigger the start of recording.
When a digital source is selected, there is another
option, DD, which means that any digital signal
above the zero level will trigger the recording.
When dubbing from tape to disc (Dubbing from tape
to disc on page 27) and auto track enabled, this level is
fixed at 36 dB. When dubbing from a
source with auto track on, the level is fixed at 24 dB.
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