5 Recording CDsDubbing from tape to disc
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 27
If the disc is a CD-RW, the final track can be erased,
if required (see Erasing tracks on page 35) and the
disc then finalized. If the disc is a CD-R, it must be
finalized prior to use (see Finalizing on page 34).
Dubbing from tape to disc
When dubbing from tape to disc, follow the instruc-
tions here.
1Load the tape with the side that will be
recorded first to be played first. Set the
Dolby, etc. as well as the reverse mode.
2Load a recordable disc.
3Use the MENU key to set the dubbing volume
to THRU to bypass the input level control
(see Bypassing the INPUT level for dub-
bing on page 17).
Note that while dubbing with auto track enabled, the
start trigger level (see Synchronized recording on
page 30) is set to 36dB.
4Press the DUB 1 key.
The CD goes into record ready The tape
rewinds to the start of the tape and starts
playing back. The CD recorder starts record-
5When the available recording time on the
disc is finished, or the tape has stopped play-
ing according to the reverse mode setting,
whichever is the earliest, the tape will stop,
and recording will stop on the disc.
If you want to adjust the input volume, set
the DUB>VOL menu to ON and use the
right (CD-RW) INPUT control to adjust the
level of signals fed to the disc from the tape
deck. If you wish to adjust the volume before
recording starts, put the CD-RW into record
ready or monitor mode and use the INPUT 1
SEL key to select TAPE.
You can also stop the dubbing process by
pressing either of the STOP keys (these are
the only keys which will work in dubbing
A recordable disc must be loaded in the drive, and a cas-
sette in the tape deck for the dubbing to work. The
key is disabled if the media are not loaded, and
if the drives are in any mode other than stop.
Dubbing to CD from the middle of the tape
The previous instructions refer to recording from the
start of the tape.
1To record from the middle of the tape, set
noise reduction, reverse mode, etc. and locate
the tape to the position where playback will
2Press the tape PAU SE key to leave the tape in
paused mode.
3With a recordable disc in the drive, press the
DUB 1 key. The tape will start playing back,
and the disc will start recording.
Recording stops under the same circum-
stances as for the whole tape (end of tape,
end of disc or either STOP key pressed).
Recording to disc from the RIAA PHONO inputs
Because of the background noise often experienced
when playing back analog vinyl recordings, although
the following features are enabled in the phono record-
ing mode: trigger level, sync recording and automatic
track division, the use of them is not recommended.
To record to disc from an external record player con-
nected to the RIAA PHONO jacks:
1Load a recordable disc and put the unit in
stop mode.
2Press the MENU key until the PHONO >
xxxx menu item is shown.
If the display does not show PHONO >
DISC, turn the MULTI DIAL (or press the
SKIP keys on the remote control) until it does
and press the MULTI DIAL (or ENTER on the
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