5 Recording CDsBasic recording
26 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
Playing back tracks
Although an unfinalized disc cannot be played back
on an ordinary CD player, the CC-222 can play back
tracks that have been recorded.
Use the MULTI DIAL control or the SKIP keys to
select a track for playback.
Time display while recording
While a recordable disc is being played back, the
four time display modes available in normal play-
back as described in , Time display modes:
, track
and elapsed track time.
However, during recording there are fewer options
available (obviously, the unit cannot see into the
future and know how much time remains of the track
which is being currently recorded!).
When in record or record ready mode, repeated
presses of the DISPLAY key cycle between display-
ing the remaining time left for recording on the disc
) and the elapsed time of the track cur-
rently being recorded (no indicator lit).
When playback is stopped at the start of a recordable
disc, there are only two options available:
total time recorded so far on the disc) and
(the total time available on the disc for further
Manual track division
It is possible to divide the recording into tracks on
the fly while recording.
While recording is taking place, press the RECORD
key. The current track number is incremented by one.
For details of automatic track division while record-
ing, see Automatic track division on page 31.
According to the Red Book (the specification for
audio CDs), a track cannot be less than four seconds in
length, and there can be a maximum of 99 tracks on an
audio CD. Bear these limitations in mind when adding
track divisions.
Restricting the number of tracks
When making a recording using the CC-222, it is
possible to restrict the number of tracks that may be
recorded at one time. This applies whether the tracks
are being divided manually, as described above
(“Manual track division on page 26) or being
divided automatically (Automatic track division on
page 31).
At any time within record or record ready mode, turn
the MULTI DIAL control or use the SKIP keys.
This sets the number of remaining tracks, as shown
to the right of the time display. The maximum num-
ber here is limited by the standard limit of 99 tracks,
and the number of tracks currently recorded. In other
words, if 8 tracks have already been recorded on the
disc, the maximum value that can be set here is 91
(91+8=99). If 49 tracks have already been recorded
on the disc, the maximum value that can be set here
is 50 (49+50=99).
Every time a track division is made, the number
shown at the right of the display goes down by one.
When the number shown is 1, and a track division is
made, the display shows PMA Writing and the
unit enters stop mode.
The number of remaining tracks can be changed dur-
ing recording using the MULTI DIAL control.
Full disc
If recording a long program, and the number of
tracks has not been restricted, when there is no space
remaining on the disc for recording, as shown by the
time display (see Time display while recording on
page 26), just before the end of the disc is reached,
the unit starts a fade-out over a few seconds (the dis-
play shows FADE OUT).
When the fade-out has finished, the display shows
Disc Full!! for a few seconds, and the unit
then goes into stop mode (the display shows PMA
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