24 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
5 Recording CDs
Before you start recording using the CC-222, make
sure that you understand the following key points:
Once you have recorded on a CD-R disc, the data
cannot be erased from it.
You can add tracks to an unfinalized recordable
disc. Once finalized, a CD-R disc is fixed and
behaves in the same way as a pre-recorded disc.
Finalized CD-RW discs, however, can be erased,
refreshed and re-recorded.
Input selection
To select the input to be recorded, press the INPUT 1
SEL key on the main unit.
Repeated presses of the key cycle through the follow-
ing options:
In the case of either the coaxial or optical inputs
being selected, the appropriate indicator:
, lights on the display.
If any of the analog signals is selected, the
indicator lights on the display.
Signal volume
The analog signals received at the LINE 1 jacks, the
RIAA PHONO jacks and the tape (if the input vol-
ume is not being bypassedsee below) are con-
trolled with the CD decks INPUT control. When
this control is at the 12 oclock position, the signal
is neither cut nor boosted.
The level of the digital inputs may be controlled
using the digital volume menu, as described below.
1Press the RECORD key to place the unit in
record ready mode.
2Repeatedly press the MENU key until the dis-
play shows VOLUME XXXdB where XXX
is the current setting.
3Use the MULTI DIAL or the SKIP keys to
adjust the input level. The maximum boost is
+18db (relative to the original input level),
and the signal may be cut by up to 60dB.
There is also a ---- setting which repre-
sents a complete signal cut.
If digital direct is selected, as described below (Digital
direct on page 32), the digital volume is bypassed and
the menu item does not appear.
Input monitoring
When the unit is in record ready, or record mode, the
input signal is output from the OUT jacks (digital and
analog), allowing you to hear the input signal.
The meters also show the current signal level.
However, it is only possible to record, or to enter
record ready mode, when a recordable disc is
inserted. To allow monitoring of the input signal at
other times, or when the unit is stopped, use the
RECORD key on the main unit or remote control to
enter monitor mode from stop mode when there is no
recordable disc in the unit (when there is a recordable
disc in the unit, pressing the RECORD key enters
record ready mode).
The word MONITOR appears on the display to
show that the output signal is an echo of the input
signal(s). The meters show the current input level.
Exit the monitor mode by using the STOP key.
Frequency conversion
The sampling frequency for CDs is 44.1 kHz. The
CC-222 will always record (and play back) CDs at
this frequency.
However, if recording through a digital connection
(either coaxial or optical) and the source has been
recorded at a frequency other than 44.1 kHz, or is
Optical digital in
Coaxial digital in
Analog in (LINE 1)
Phono inputs
The CC-222 cassette deck
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