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22 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
Clear the program by pressing PLAY MODE until the
display shows Continue. The program is also
cleared when the disc tray is opened, and if the STOP
key is pressed when playback is stopped in pro-
grammed order mode.
The programmed play order is not memorized when
power is turned off.
If an attempt is made to enter more than 25 program
steps, the message PGM Full ! appears on the
Repeat play
The unit can repeat the whole of the disc (or pro-
gram), an AB portion set as described here, or the
current track only.
Selecting the repeat mode is only possible using the
remote control unit. It is not possible to select the
repeat mode using the main unit alone.
1The unit should be in playback, pause or stop
Continue to press the REPEAT key so that the
display shows Repeat 1 (the
indicator lights) to repeat one track,
Repeat ALL (the
lights) to repeat the whole disc or program,
Repeat A-B (the
lights) to repeat between two points as
explained below.
2If playback has not started, restart it.
To cancel repeat mode, press the REPEAT key so that
the display shows Repeat OFF and the
indicator goes out. Pressing STOP also cancels
repeat mode.
Setting the A and B repeat points
While the
indicator is lit, you can set the
points between which playback should loop.
1Start playback before the point where you
want the loop to start.
2Press the A-B key (remote control) at the
point where the loop is to start.
3Press the A-B key once more at the point at
where the loop is to end.
Playback jumps back to the first (A) point
and continues to the second (B) point and
then returns to the A point again, repeating
the loop.
Cancel the A-B repeat mode by pressing the A-B key.
If the A and B points are too close together, A-B looping
is not possible.
The A and B points can be on either side of a track divi-
sion, but there may be a gap in the loop during play-
back in this case.
Intro check
This is a useful facility to skip through the first 10
seconds of all the tracks on a CD to refresh your
memory of the contents of the CD.
1With the disc stopped, press the INTRO
CHECK key.
The first 10 seconds of each track on the disc
will be played. Press STOP to stop this play-
back process.
Pressing INTRO CHECK again cancels the mode and
returns to normal playback.
This function is only available from the remote control
unit. It is not possible to use this function with the main
unit only.
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