4 CD playerPlayback modes
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 21
2To play a track whose number is higher than
9, press the +10 key an appropriate number
of times to set the tens digit of the track
number, followed by a single key to set the
units digit. For example:
Track 13 = +10, 3
Track 30 = +10, +10, +10, 0
On the remote control unit only, the search keys can be
used to fast-forward and fast-rewind through the
Playback modes
The unit can be set to play back a single track, the
whole disc in the order in which it was created, the
tracks of the disc in a random (shuffled) order, or a
programmed order.
Selecting the playback mode is only possible using the
remote control unit. It is not possible to select the play-
back mode using the main unit alone.
1Press the PLAY MODE key repeatedly to cycle
the display through the following:
Continue. Normal playback mode. Program-
ming is cancelled, and playback continues in the
normal order.
Single. The currently selected track is played
and then playback stops. The
lights in this mode.
Random (random track order). In this mode,
each track is played once before the disc repeats.
Using the track search functions will move back-
wards or forwards through the random order, e.g. if
track 7 is followed by track 10, it is possible to use
the track search keys to go back to track 7, which is
remembered as being before immediately before
track 10. The red
display indicator lights
in this mode.
Program (see Programmed order playback
on page 21 below). The red
display indi-
cator lights in this mode.
The selected mode is shown in large characters dis-
appears from the display a few seconds after select-
ing the mode, and the display returns to its previous
Changing to programmed play mode is not possible
when playback is taking place. This change must be
made while the tape is stopped.
Programmed order playback
The steps to set up to 25 program steps (tracks) to be
played back in a specified order are as follows:
1Press the PLAY MODE key until the display
shows Program.
2The display changes to show
00:00 00,
meaning that no program steps have yet had
tracks assigned to them.
3Use the number keys on the remote control to
enter a track number (including the +10 key
to enter values greater than 9, as described
above). There is no need to press ENTER.
The track entered is assigned to the program
step, and the display changes, showing the
track number, the total time of the program
so far, and the step number, e.g.
14:56 03.
4The next program step can then be entered.
Steps 3 and 4 above can also be carried out from the
main unit by turning and pushing the
5Repeat steps 3 and 4 above until the program
is complete.
6Press the PLAY key to start playback at the
first program step.
The display shows the track, the current time
display, and the program step number.
While in programmed playback mode, using
the SKIP keys or the MULTI DIAL moves back-
wards and forwards in the order set in the pro-
Use the PAU SE key to halt playback temporarily or
the STOP key to stop playback of the program.
If the STOP key is used, when playback is restarted,
it starts from the first program step.
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