3 Cassette operationsOther tape functions and features
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 19
Fast forward and rewind
The REW and FFWD keys (and their remote control
equivalents) act as ordinary fast forward and rewind
keys when pressed when the unit is stopped or
Search keys
When the unit is playing back, the wind keys men-
tioned above act as Computer-controlled Program
Search (CPS) keys, moving to the next (or previous)
recorded item. To locate items correctly, there must
be at least four seconds of silence between these
items (see Recording silences between items on
page 18).
Repeated presses of these keys will search forward or
backward by the appropriate number of items. The
tape counter value is replaced by CPxx if searching
forward, and CP–xx when searching backwards.
Note that the terms forwards and backwards here
are relative to the currently-selected play position.
When the item is reached, playback starts. When the
end of the tape is reached, the transport stops.
If a key are pressed too many times, so that a search
is being made for the wrong item, pressing the
opposite key corrects the mistake.
This function depends on the presence of 4-second
silent intervals on tape. If these intervals are too short,
or not truly silent, the search function will not work
properly. Also note that this function can be confused
by the presence of longer quiet or select passages in
programs (e.g. spoken word drama or classical music).
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