3 Cassette operationsOther recording features
18 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
Press STOP (cassette deck) to stop the
recording. The STOP key is the only key
which is enabled during phono recording.
After the phono recording has finished, the
original tape signal source is restored.
It is not possible to perform phono recording as
described above under the following circumstances: a
tape is not loaded or the tape is write-protected (the
phono to tape function is disabled with no recordable
tape inserted), or the tape is not either stopped or in
record ready mode.
Only recording as described above is possible from the
sources to tape. Manual recording is not
Other recording features
Recording silences between items
At least four seconds of silence must be recorded
between items on tape when using the search func-
tions (Search keys on page 19).
When recording, press and release either of the REC
MUTE keys (main or remote). With the tape moving,
the record source is muted for about four seconds
(the display record indicator flashes), and the deck
then enters record pause mode. Press PAUSE or
PLAY to re-start recording.
If the REC MUTE key is pressed while the deck is in
record pause mode, four seconds of silence will be
recorded on the tape, and the deck will return to
record pause mode.
If the REC MUTE key is held and pressed for longer
than four seconds while recording is in progress,
silence is recorded on the tape while the key is held
down. The deck enters record pause mode when the
key is released.
Erasing tapes
Anything previously recorded on the tape will auto-
matically be erased when you make a new recording
on it. It can also be erased by recording on it with
the INPUT level control set to “0”.
Other tape functions and features
Tape counter
The tape counter value is incremented when the tape
is moving from left to right, and decremented when it
moves from right to left.
Use either of the RESET keys (main or remote) to
reset the value to 0000.
When the counter has been set to 0000, this position
can be reached easily by pressing either of the RTZ
keys (main or remote). The tape fast forwards or fast
rewinds to the 0000 mark.
If the current tape position is too close to the 0000 mark
(greater than 9995 or less than 0005), this function does
not work.
Pitch control
The tape speed can be controlled using
Turning this to the right of the center position results
in faster tape speed (higher pitch) and turning it to
the left of the center position results in slower tape
speed (lower pitch). The maximum is 12% away
from normal.
The center neutral position is marked by a click
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