3 Cassette operationsRecording tapes from the PHONO deck
TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 17
The dubbing stops when playback reaches the end of
the CD, or when the tape reaches the end of its run
(one side in the case of single-sided (u) reverse
mode, both sides in the j reverse mode), which-
ever comes first.
Note that if the tape is set to auto-reverse, and the last
item recorded on one side of a tape was not com-
pletely recorded before the tape was reversed, that
item will be automatically repeated.
Also note that when the tape automatically reverses,
eight seconds are used as non-recorded time at the
beginning of the second side (the tape is in record
mode, but the CD does not play back), again to allow
for leader tape at the start of the cassette.
The dubbing process can also be stopped manually
with the STOP key of the cassette deck or the CD
deck. All other transport keys are disabled.
Dubbing is not possible if: a cassette is not loaded, or a
CD is not loaded. It is not possible if the cassette is
write-protected, or if the CD is a recordable disc which
does not currently have any material recorded on it.
It is also not possible to enter the dubbing mode if the
tape is not in stop or record ready mode, or if the CD is
not in stop or pause mode.
Dubbing to tape from the middle of a CD
The above procedure describes the playback and
recording from the start of a disc (or the start of a
programmed playback list).
To record from a point other than the ones above:
1Locate the disc to the point where the play-
back is to start.
2Press the disc PAUSE key to pause playback
at the point where the playback is to start.
3If recording is to start at the beginning of the
cassette, make sure the cassette is stopped,
otherwise, locate the cassette to the appropri-
ate position where recording is to start, and
enter record ready mode.
Using the headphones with the
switch set
will help here.
4Press the DUB 2 key. Playback starts on the
disc, and recording starts on the cassette.
Bypassing the INPUT level for dubbing
The INPUT control can be bypassed so that it has no
effect when dubbing, in the following way:
1Press the MENU key until the DUB>VOL
item appears.
2Turn the dial to select either THRU (the con-
trol is bypassed and disabled) or ON (the
control is enabled).
This setting applies only to dubbing procedures, not to
other recordings.
It is not possible to make this menu setting (or any
other menu settings) when dubbing is actually taking
Recording tapes from the PHONO deck
To record from an external record deck connected
through the RIAA PHONO inputs:
1Prepare for recording as described above
(load a tape, set the REV MODE, etc.).
2Press the MENU key until the PHONO >
xxxx menu item is shown.
If the display does not show PHONO >
TAPE, turn the MULTI DIAL (or press the
SKIP keys on the remote control) until it does
and press the MULTI DIAL (or ENTER on the
remote control unit).
3Press the PHONO key H. The
tor lights on the display.
If the tape is currently in stop mode, the tape
rewinds, and the deck enters record ready
mode (about eight seconds from the start of
the cassette, to allow for leader tape).
If the tape deck is already in record ready
mode, it will remain in record ready mode.
4Start playback of the record.
5Start recording with either the PLAY or
PAUSE key.
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