3 Cassette operationsRecording operations
16 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
Recording operations
Recording pre-recorded tapes, records, or
other pub-
lished or broadcast material may infringe copyright laws.
Check before recording.
1With the power on, set the REV MODE
If you want to make a bi-directional record-
ing, set the REV MODE switch to the j or
p position.
Set to the u (single side) position if record-
ing is to be made on a single side of the tape.
2Load a recordable cassette. Check that the
safety tabs on the spine of the cassette are in
place. If they have been broken off, block the
holes with adhesive tape.
3Press the INPUT 2 SEL key to select the
source (either LINE2 or DISC).
When DISC is selected, the built-in CD
player's output is selected as a source.
When LINE2 is selected, the external signal
from the LINE 2 jacks is selected as a source.
4Set the Dolby NR system on or off.
5Press the RECORD key. The deck enters
record pause mode (the display indicators
6Play back the source, and adjust the record-
ing level with the INPUT level control so that
the loudest sound to be recorded just makes
the meters briefly reach around the “0 dB”
point for normal or high-position tapes
(recording is not possible with metal tapes).
7Press either the PAUSE or PLAY key to start
To stop recording temporarily, press the
PAUSE key. To restart the tape, press either
the PAUSE key or either of the PLAY keys.
When the unit is in record pause mode, if the
PLAY key whose indicator is lit is pressed
recording will restart. If the PLAY key whose
indicator is unlit is pressed, the recording
direction will reverse, and the PLAY key must
be pressed again to restart recording.
To stop recording, press the STOP key.
Dubbing tapes from the CD deck
To record from the internal CD deck:
1Prepare for recording as described above
(load a tape, set the REV MODE, etc.).
2Load the source CD disc (press OPEN/
CLOSE, put the disc in the tray, recorded
side downwards, and close the tray).
3Use the MENU key to set the dubbing volume
to THRU to bypass the input level control
(see “Bypassing the INPUT level for dub-
bing” on page 17).
If you want to record the tracks on the tape in a differ-
ent order from those on the disc, use the programmed
playback mode to rearrange the tracks (“Programmed
order playback” on page 21). Leave the disc in stop
mode when you have finished programming the order.
4Press the DUB 2 key.
If the tape is in stop mode If the tape is in
stop mode, the tape rewinds to the beginning of the
current side.
At the start of the tape, recording starts, but the CD
does not start playback for eight seconds (this is to
allow for the leader tape at the start of a cassette).
indicator flashes.
The CD starts playback after the eight seconds at the
start of the cassette. The
indicator lights steadily.
If the tape is in record pause mode If the
tape is in record pause mode, recording starts imme-
diately, and the CD starts playback immediately. The
indicator lights.
If you want to adjust the input volume, set
the DUB>VOL menu to ON and use the left
(tape) INPUT control to adjust the level of sig-
nals fed to the tape from the CD player.
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