TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual 15
3 Cassette operations
Note the following when loading tapes:
1Use your finger or a pencil to turn the cas-
sette's hub and take up any slack tape.
Avoid touching the tape. Fingerprints attract dust and
2Press the EJECT key to open the cassette
compartment door.
3Load the cassette tape with its open edge fac-
ing down.
4Gently close the compartment door.
The cassette holder cannot be opened during recording
or playback.
If the power has been switched off during play or
recording, ejecting the cassette may be impossible. In
such a case, switch the power on and press the
key again.
Playback operations
1With the power on, set the REV MODE switch
to the required tape mode.
2Load a pre-recorded cassette with its open
edge facing down and side A facing toward
3Set the Dolby NR system on or off.
4Press either PLAY key to start playback.
5Adjust the volume with the amplifier's vol-
ume control.
6To stop playback, press the STOP key.
Continuous tape/CD playback
1Load the tape (as described above) to be
played back into the unit. Load the disc (use
the OPEN/CLOSE key and load the disc
recorded side downwards and close the tray).
2Press the CD-TAPE CONT PLAY key.
3Press either of the PLAY keys of the tape
deck, or the PLAY key of the CD deck.
Playback will start on the appropriate unit.
When playback reaches the end of the disc,
or the end of the tape (either one side or two
sides, as determined by the REV MODE set-
ting), playback starts on the other unit.
Media (tape or disc) can be changed in the unit that is
not playing.
The cassette deck and CD deck can be used to play back
through different outputs, or the
jacks can be used for both disc and tape playback. How-
ever, note that if both are playing, the cassette takes
priority (the disc will not be heard through these out-
puts). Disc playback is always through the
Single-sided playback
One side, then the other side, then stop
One side, then the other side, then the first side again,
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