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12 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
MOPEN/CLOSE key Opens and closes the
disc tray.
NDISPLAY key Changes the time display for
the disc recording and playback.
OFINALIZE key Used when finalizing record-
able discs.
PERASE key Used when erasing data from
CD-RW discs.
QSYNC REC key Turns synchronized record-
ing of the disc recorder on and off.
RMENU key Repeated presses of this key cycle
through the different menu options.
SMULTI DIAL Used to select and confirm
menu settings etc. (turn to make the setting, push to
confirm), and also as a track search facility when
playing back discs.
TDisc tray Open and close this tray with the
OPENCLOSE key M to load and unload discs.
UREMOTE SENSOR window Receives the
infra-red signals from the remote control unit. Do not
block this window if you are using the remote control
VPITCH CONTROL knob This is a center-
detented knob which allows the tape speed (and
therefore the pitch) to be changed by ±12%.
WREV MODE switch This three-position
switch allows the choice of single-side or bidirec-
tional playback and recording (Ä or Ê), or (ä)
continuous playback only (not recording).
XDolby NR (OFF/ON) switch Use this
switch to turn the Dolby noise reduction off and on
for the cassette deck.
YCD-TAPE CONT PLAY switch Use this
to turn continuous playback (alternating between
disc and cassette) on and off.
ZCD TIMER (OFF/PLAY) switch Use this
switch to turn the CD timer option on or off (when
this is in the PLAY position, turning on the machine
with a disc inserted will automatically start playback.
aCD STOP key Stops CD playback or disc
bCD PLAY key Starts CD playback or record-
ing (from record ready mode).
cCD PAUSE key Pauses or unpauses CD
playback or recording (starts recording from record
pause mode).
dCD RECORD key places the disc in record
ready mode and performs manual track incrementing
while recording.
switch This switch selects the source for the head-
phone outputs as either the cassette deck, the disc
recorder, or a mixture of both.
fPHONES jack and volume control
Connect a standard pair of stereo headphones to this
1/4 jack, and adjust the level with the control.
Rear panel features
The CC-222 line analog inputs and outputs all oper-
ate at the 10dBV level. For details of input and out-
put impedances, etc., consult the specifications.
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