1 IntroductionAbout this manual
10 TASCAM CC-222 Owners Manual
Never use a disc that has had a stabilizer mounted to it.
The residual adhesive may cause the disc to stick to the
mechanism of the CC-222. If it sticks to the mechanism,
you will need a technician to get it out.
Recommended media
An up-to-date list of manufacturers who produce
media suitable for use in the CC-222 can be obtained
from your TASCAM dealer.
Use of the remote control unit
When using the remote control unit, make sure:
There is a clear unobstructed path between the
remote control unit and the remote sensor on the
main unit.
The remote control unit is located within 5 m
(15 ft.) of the main unit, and is pointing at approxi-
mately right angles (±30°) to the front panel.
When fitting or replacing the batteries:
Always make sure that both batteries are replaced
together. Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not mix batteries of different types.
Always make sure that the batteries are located
with the correct polarity (the positive terminals of
the batteries should match the + markings inside
the battery compartment, and the negative termi-
nals should match the markings).
If you are not going to use the remote control unit
for an extended period of time, remove the batter-
ies. Old batteries can leak, casing damage to the
remote control unit.
Always dispose of old batteries in the way recom-
mended by your local garbage disposal authorities.
About this manual
In this manual, we use the following conventions:
The names of keys and controls are given in the
following typeface: ERASE.
When the alphanumeric portion of the display
shows a message, this is shown in the following
typeface: Welcome.
If a preset indicator in the display (i.e. one which
cannot change, but is either on or off) is shown, this
is shown as follows:
The sections of this manual are arranged as follows:
1, “Introduction” This section, introducing the
features and concepts of the CC-222.
2, Features and controlsThe front and rear
panel controls, indicators and connections, as well as
a description of the remote control unit.
3, Cassette operationsIncludes dubbing to
cassette from CD as well as other cassette-based
playback and recording operations.
4, CD playerAbout CD playback, including
programmed and repeat playback functions
5, Recording CDsAbout recording CDs,
including dubbing from cassette to disc, as well as
other CD recording functions.
6, After recordingMore information regard-
ing the finalizing of discs and the erasing and refresh-
ing of CD-RW media.
7, Reference and specificationsSome
troubleshooting tips, together with menu default set-
tings, and the facts and figures about the CC-222.
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