2 – Names and Functions of Parts
Home Screen
Home Screen when in ordinary operation mode
1 Playback speed status
One of the following icons appears according to the
playback speed setting.
Icon Playback speed
×1.1 – ×2.0
×0.5 – ×0.9
Playback speed not controllable
2 Monitor Mix function status
This shows whether the Monitor Mix function is on or off.
Monitor Mix off
Monitor Mix on
3 Effect status
Shows whether the effect function is ON or OFF.
: Built-in effect off
: Built-in effect on
4 Speaker status
: Speaker output off
Speaker output on
5 Remaining battery charge/power supply status
A battery icon appears when power is supplied by
When batteries are being used, a battery icon shows the
amount of power remaining in bars ( , , ).
The batteries are almost dead and the power will soon
turn off (standby) if the icon with no bars appears.
When using a TASCAM PS-P520E AC adapter (sold
separately) or USB bus power, appears.
Sometimes a “Battery Low” warning appears when
recording or conducting other demanding operations
even when battery power remains.
6 Recorder operation status
This icon shows the recorder operation status.
Icon Explanation
79 Paused
7Playing back
,Searching forward
mSearching backward
/Skipping to the beginning of the next file
.Skipping to the beginning of the current or
previous file
7 Playback position display
The current playback position is shown by a bar. As
playback progresses, the bar extends from the left.
Playback level meters
These show the levels of the input and playback signals.
When the Monitor Mix function is ON, the level of the
combined input and playback sounds is shown.
Playback file name
The name or tag information of the file currently in play is
The ID3 tag information is displayed instead when
included in the MP3 file.
ID3 tag information contains titles and artist names, which
can be stored in MP3 files.
0 Elapsed time
Shows the elapsed time (hours: minutes: seconds) of the
currently playing track.
q Remaining time message
Shows the remaining playback time of the current track
(hours: minutes: seconds).
w Peak value in decibels (dB)
The maximum level that occurs in a fixed period of time is
displayed digitally.
e Playback area
This shows the current playback file area.
: All files in the MUSIC folder
: All files in the selected folder
: All files added to the playlist
r Playback file number/total number of files
This shows the current file number and total number of
files in the playback area.
t Output volume status
This shows the output volume status.
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