2 – Names and Functions of Parts
Left side
i /LINE OUT jack
Use this to connect headphones or the line input jack of
other equipment using a stereo mini-jack cable.
HOLD switch
Shift to the left end (in the direction of the arrow) to
engage the hold function.
No buttons can be used when HOLD is active.
Right side
p USB port
This is a micro-B USB port.
Use a USB cable (A to Micro-B) to connect the unit to a
computer. (see "11 – USB Connections" on page 49)
The unit should be connected directly to the computer,
not through a USB hub.
a microSD card slot
Use this slot to insert and remove microSD cards.
s Mono speaker
Use this built-in speaker to listen to recordings.
Sound is not output during recording, when the unit is
in recording standby, when headphones are connected,
when the speaker is disabled, or when the Monitor Mix
function is enabled.
d Tripod attachment screw thread (1/4-inch)
Use this to attach the unit to a tripod or mic stand.
iEnsure the tripod or microphone stand screws are securely
fastened to prevent the unit from falling off.
iWhen attaching this unit to a tripod or microphone stand,
be sure to place it on a level surface.
f Battery compartment cover
g Battery compartment
Install batteries (2 AA) in this compartment to power the
unit. (see "Using AA batteries" on page 14)
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