14 – Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble with the operation of this unit, please try the following before seeking repair. If these measures do not
resolve the issue, please contact the retailer where you purchased this unit or a TASCAM customer support service.
The unit does not turn on.
iConfirm that batteries are installed correctly.
iConfirm that the HOLD switch is not set.
The unit turns off automatically.
iCheck the automatic power saving function setting. Set it
to “Off” to prevent the power from turning off automati-
cally. (see "Setting the automatic power saving function" on
page 53)
The microSD card is not recognized.
iCheck that the microSD card is inserted correctly.
No sound is output or sound is not output from
the speaker.
iConfirm that the output volume is not lowered it too much.
iConfirm that the speaker setting is on. Even if the speaker
setting is on, sound will not be output from the speaker
when headphones are connected or when the unit is
recording or in recording standby.
Recording is not possible.
iConfirm that the REC indicator is lit. If the REC indicator is
blinking, the unit is in recording standby.
iCheck the remaining available recording time shown on
the Recording Screen.
The recorded sound is quiet or distorted.
iCheck the input level setting.
The unit is not recognized by a computer
connected using a USB cable.
iConfirm that the connected computer uses a compatible
operating system.
iThe USB function used must be selected from the menu to
enable a computer to recognize this unit.
iConfirm that the USB cable is not designed only for
iConfirm that the connection is not being made through a
USB hub.
Sound skips or noise occurs when in USB audio
interface mode.
For Windows
iPerformance options
Select “Adjust for best performance”.
iPower options
Select “High performance”.
iUse the DR-X series driver.
Check the page for this product on the TASCAM website
(https://tascam.com/us/) for details.
The wrong language was set accidentally.
iAfter pressing the ¤ (HOME) [8] button to turn the unit
off, press the ¤ (HOME) [8] button while pressing and
holding the MENU button.
The language selection menu will appear, and you will be
able to select the language.
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