13 – Messages
Message Details and responses
File Full The total number of folders and files exceeds 5000. Delete unnecessary folders and
files or move them to a computer.
Card Error The card could not be recognized properly. Change the card.
Current File MP3 MP3 files cannot be divided.
File Protected The file is read only and cannot be erased.
No Card No microSD card is in the unit.
No PB File There is no file that can be played back. The file might be damaged.
No MUSIC File There is no playback file, so dividing or overdubbing cannot be executed.
Cannot overdub!
See REC setting
You cannot make an mp3 file when overdubbing a WAV file with a sampling
frequency of 96kHz. Change the recording format to WAV.
Not Continued
If any of these errors occurs, turn the unit’s power off and restart it.
If the power cannot be turned off, remove the batteries, disconnect the AC adapter
(TASCAM PS-P520E), and/or disconnect the USB cable if using USB bus power.
If these error messages continue to appear frequently, please contact the store
where you purchased this unit or TASCAM customer support service.
File Error
Can't Save Data
Player Error
Device Error
Writing Failed
Sys Rom Err
System Err 50
System Err 1
System Err 2
System Err 3
System Err 4
System Err 5
System Err 6
System Err 7
System Err 8
System Err 9
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