11 – USB Connections
Disconnecting the unit from a computer
Before disconnecting the computer and the unit, use the
proper procedures for the computer to unmount the unit,
and press the . button.
Disconnect from the computer and return to the Home
Transferring files from a computer
1. Click the “DR-07X” drive on the computer screen to show
the “MUSIC” and “UTILITY” folders.
2. Drag and drop files on the computer that you want to
transfer to the unit to the “MUSIC” folder.
iYou can manage the “MUSIC” folder from the computer.
iYou can create subfolders in the “MUSIC” folder up to
the second level for use with this unit. Only two levels
of folders can be created. This unit cannot recognize
subfolders and audio files on the third level or below.
iSince you can set the DR-07X to only play the contents of a
specific folder, you can organize files into genres, artists or
other categories as you like.
iIf you name the subfolders and music files, these names
will appear on the screen of this unit.
Using as a USB audio interface
By connecting this unit with a computer using a USB cable,
you can use it as a USB audio interface.
When the unit is off
1. Connect the computer and the unit with a USB cable,
and turn the unit on to open the USB screen.
2. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) AUDIO I/F,
and press the 7 button.
The AUDIO I/F screen will open.
When the unit is on
When operating on batteries, connect the unit and the
computer with a USB cable.
1. Press the MENU button to open the MENU screen.
2. Use the + or − button to select USB, and press the 7
button to open the USB screen.
3. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) the AUDIO I/
F item and press the 7 button.
The AUDIO I/F screen will open.
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