10 – Tuning an instrument
This unit has a built-in tuner. By inputting sound from a
musical instrument, you can tune it accurately while viewing
the tuning meter shown in the display.
Using the tuner
Setting the tuner
1. Press the MENU button to open the MENU screen.
2. Use the + and – buttons to select (highlight) the OTHERS
menu item, and press the 7 button to open the OTHERS
3. Use the + or − button to select TUNER, and press the 7
The TUNER screen will open.
The TUNER screen contains a CALIB option to set the
frequency of A. Press the . or / button to
decrease or increase the fundamental frequency.
Setting range: 435Hz - 445Hz
(in 1 Hz increments, default: 440Hz)
When the TUNER screen is open, press the 7 button to
reverse the screen orientation.
Tuning a musical instrument
1. Open the TUNER screen, and sound a note near the unit.
The closest pitch name will be shown above the center
of the meter.
2. Tune the instrument so that the target pitch name
appears and the center of the tuner lights.
A bar appears to the left or right of center if the sound is
lower or higher than the target pitch. The bar becomes
longer the more the input pitch differs from the target
Adjusting the input level for tuning
1. Press the QUICK button to switch CALIB to INPUT LEVEL
in the bottom of the TUNER screen.
2. Use the . or / button to adjust the input level.
During adjustment, a pull-up with meters showing the
input level will appear at the bottom of the display.
Adjustment is the same as explained in (see "Adjusting
the input level" on page 26).
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