8 – Mark functions
Adding marks manually
When playing, recording or in recording standby, press the
MARK button to add a mark at any point.
When a mark is added, a pull-up appears at the bottom of the
iMark information is stored in the file with numbers
between 0199. The maximum number of marks in a file is
iSince the unit is compatible with BWF format WAV files,
marks added to a WAV file during recording are stored in
it. Marks stored in the file are available when playing back
the file using BWF-compatible software, for example.
Adding marks automatically to a
This function allows the unit to add marks automatically
using AUTO REC.
On the REC SETTING screen, set the AUTO REC MODE to MARK.
For details, see "Recording automatically (AUTO REC)" on
page 27.
Moving to mark positions
When stopped, paused or during playback, press the . or
/ button to move between marks set in the selected file.
You can use this function to go to the beginning of a song,
similar to an index.
You cannot move to a cue mark of a different file.
Clearing marks
When stopped or paused, move to a mark. Then, press the
MARK button to clear that mark.
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