7 – Quick Operations
Transcribing recorded files (DICTATION
The DICTATION PLAY mode allows you to search for the parts
of the selected file that you want to hear during playback,
making it useful for transcribing meeting minutes, for
In DICTATION PLAY mode, the file skip function is disabled to
prevent accidentally moving to the previous or next file.
Select the file before enabling DICTATION PLAY Mode.
Enabling DICTATION PLAY mode
1. While the Home Screen is open when stopped, press the
QUICK button to open the Quick menu.
2. Use the + or – button to select (highlight) the DICTATION
PLAY menu item, and press the 7 button.
This will activate DICTATION PLAY mode.
Adjusting the playback equalization
Using the Quick menu, you can make the audio easier to hear.
VOICE EQ: This makes the vocal frequency range easier to
LEVEL ALIGN: The overall sound pressure is increased to
enhance listenability.
Changing the playback position
Press . briefly: jump back
Press / briefly: jump forward
You can set the jump back and jump forward times from the
Quick menu when stopped.
Changing the playback volume and speed
Press the PB CONT to switch between changing the volume
and speed of playback.
Playback speed adjustment mode
Use the + and − buttons to change the playback volume/
When the Home Screen is open and the unit is stopped,
use the Quick menu to select MODE EXIT, and press the 7
This exits DICTATION PLAY mode.
iRecording is not possible in DICTATION PLAY mode.
iMenu operations are not possible in DICTATION PLAY
iTo use a menu, exit DICTATION PLAY mode temporarily.
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