4 – Recording
3. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) LEVEL MODE,
and press the 7 button.
This opens the LEVEL MODE setting screen.
4. Use the + or – button to change the LEVEL MODE setting
5. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) a mode, and
press the 7 button to enable the mode and return to
the recording screen.
The selected mode is shown with an icon on the
recording screen.
Adjusting the input level
1. Press the RECORD [0] button to begin recording
The REC indicator flashes red and the recording screen
2. Use the . or / button to adjust the input level.
Press the . or / button to show a pull-up MENU
screen for input level setting.
If the input is too high, the PEAK indicator on the upper
left above the display lights.
A 5 mark is provided at -12dB on the level meters.
Set the input level so that the indicator bars fluctuate
centered on this mark without causing the PEAK
indicator to light red when the loudest sounds occur.
iPress the ¤ (HOME) [8] button to exit recording
iWhen in recording standby or recording, the speaker will
not output sound even if the I/O SETTING screen SPEAKER
setting is on.
If you need to monitor sound to adjust the input level and
make recordings, connect the headphone to the /LINE
OUT jack.
Use the + or − button on the Home Screen to adjust the
monitoring volume. This does not affect the sound to be
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