4 – Recording
Setting where files are saved
Set the folder where recorded files are saved.
Recorded files will be saved in the currently selected folder.
For details, see the SELECT pop-up menu item in "Folder
operations" on page 33.
If no setting is made, new recording files are created in the
MUSIC folder.
Making input settings
1. Press the MENU button to open the MENU screen.
2. Use the + or – button to select (highlight) the REC
SETTING menu item, and press the 7 button.
The REC SETTING screen opens.
The following input settings are made on this screen.
Set each item using the ., /, + and – buttons.
When connecting a microphone that requires plug-in
power, set this to ON. (Default: OFF)
Set the cutoff frequency of the low-cut filter during
Options: OFF (default), 40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 220Hz
iSet MIC POWER to OFF when using the built-in mic or
connecting a dynamic microphone or microphone with
a built-in battery. If set to ON, the plug-in power may
damage such microphones.
iUse headphones to monitor when you are recording with
a microphone. If you use speakers to monitor, the sound
output from the speakers may also be recorded, causing a
poor recording and even feedback.
MIC POWER and LOW CUT can be set even when recording
or in recording standby.
iThe low cut filter can reduce noise such as unpleasant
wind noise from air-conditioners and projectors.
iUse the built-in effects of this unit as necessary on the
input source. (see "Setting the effect" on page 47)
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