3 – Preparation
Using the built-in speaker
To listen to the playback sound from the built-in speaker, turn
on the SPEAKER item on the I/O SETTING screen.
Even if SPEAKER is enabled, the unit will not play through
the speaker when the unit is recording sound, in recording
standby or muted with headphones or an external speaker
system connected.
Operation from the MENU screen
1. Press the MENU button to open the MENU screen.
2. Use the + or – button to select (highlight) the I/O
SETTING and press the 7 button.
The I/O SETTING screen will open.
3. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) the SPEAKER
item and press the ENTER/MARK button.
4. Use the + or – button to select ON.
5. After completing the setting, press the ¤ (HOME) [8]
button to return to the Home Screen.
Operation from the Quick menu
1. During playback when the Home Screen is open, press
the QUICK button to open the Quick menu.
2. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) the SPEAKER
item and press the 7 button.
The SPEAKER screen will open.
Options: OFF (default), ON
3. Use the + or − button to select (highlight) a setting, and
press the 7 button to enable it and return to the HOME
Connecting monitoring equipment
To listen with headphones, connect them to the /LINE OUT
To listen with an external monitoring system (powered
monitor speakers or an amplifier and speakers), connect it to
the /LINE OUT jack.
Powered monitor speaker
an amplifier and speaker
Using the built-in microphone
This unit’s built-in microphones can be adjusted, allowing
the angles of the microphones to be changed. You can
choose clear stereo sound or wide stereo sound according to
considerations including the recording source and situation
by opening or closing the microphone pair.
Setting the mics to record a wide stereo
sound (A-B position)
Open the mics to the left and right (A-B position).
Set this way, the two microphones are spread wide to the left
and right, enabling recording with a strong stereo field that is
good for music, for example.
If you open or close the microphone pair while using the
built-in stereo microphone and the left-right setting does not
suit the angle of the microphone, a pop-up message appears
to ask whether you want to change the mic left-right setting.
(see "File information page (FILE)" on page 52)
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