3 – Preparation
Inserting and removing microSD cards
Inserting microSD cards
1. Open the microSD slot cover on the right side.
2. Insert the microSD Card into the slot as shown in the
following illustration until it clicks into place.
Removing cards
1. Open the microSD slot cover on the right side.
2. Press the microSD card in gently and then release it to
allow it to come out.
iDo not remove the microSD card from the unit when it is
connected to a computer by USB.
iThe DR-07X is compatible with microSD/microSDHC/
microSDXC standards.
iA list of microSD cards that have been confirmed for use
with this unit can be found on the TEAC Global Site (http://
Preparing microSD cards for use
In order to use a microSD card in this unit, you must format it
1. Confirm that a microSD card is installed and turn the
power ON.
2. The following message appears when a new card or a
card formatted for use with another device is installed in
the unit.
3. Press the 7 button to start formatting.
Formatting a card erases all the data on it.
4. When formatting ends, the Home Screen opens. You can
also reformat the card in this unit at any time.
When formatting a card, the unit should be operating on
power supplied by a PS-P520E adapter (sold separately),
computer USB bus power or batteries with sufficient
remaining power.
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